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    Fashion Designers in Chicago

    As a fashion enthusiast, Jeremy "Prince" Nowell has long been passionate about fashion. In fact, he founded one of Eastern Illinois University's first modeling organizations, and has produced many photoshoots, commercials, and sold-out fashion shows. Recently, he has been tapped to style Miki Howard. Whether you're looking for a career in modeling or just a creative outlet, the Fashion Designer Chicago community has you covered. Anatasia Chatzka Fashion designer Chicago – Anatasia Chatzka owns an atelier. Her collection focuses on vintage and contemporary styles. Chatzka is known for her unique designs that are both timeless and original. The owner of an atelier and a boutique, she has become a highly…

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    Live Entertainment at Mac’s 19 Broadway in Fairfax California

    If you've ever wondered where the bartenders of Mac's 19 Broadway get their gigs, look no further. These local favorites have a variety of live entertainment to suit any mood. You can find Barrel Proof Comedy or Music in the Remodeled Mac's. Read on for more information. Here are some tips for booking live entertainment at Mac's 19 Broadway. We hope you enjoy! Also, be sure to check out the newest shows at the bar. Music at Mac's 19 Broadway Enjoy live music or open-mic nights at Music at Mac's 19 Broadway in Fairfax California. This long-running bar also features patio seating and open-mike nights. It has a friendly vibe.…

  • Sober Living Support For Alcoholics
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    Sober Living Support For Alcoholics

    While staying in a sober home, an alcoholic should avoid drug and alcohol use. He or she should also try to maintain healthy relationships. A healthy social life is essential to staying sober. A structured schedule is also vital to preventing boredom and promoting sobriety. It should be close to a grocery store, 12-step meetings, and other sources of daily stimulation. A sober living house is structured differently, with the main focus on healthy living and developing meaningful relationships with roommates. Often, the residents work to pay the residence’s fees, and many have to attend weekly house meetings. Sober living homes help a recovering individual to avoid the stigma of…

  • Professional Support With a Sober Living Environment
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    Professional Support With a Sober Living Environment

    A sober living environment allows individuals to integrate their recovery process back into everyday life and maintain sobriety. They can work, attend school, or develop meaningful relationships with their roommates. It is important for people in recovery to have continued support and accountability. Unlike in a traditional treatment program, a sober living home is a non-judgmental and supportive environment. It can also provide a safe place to meet other people in recovery. Many sober living environments offer the opportunity to establish more independence and freedom. They are structured and include transportation to and from work, 12-step meetings, and house meetings. Because the residents are in recovery, they have more time…