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Fashion Designers in Chicago

As a fashion enthusiast, Jeremy "Prince" Nowell has long been passionate about fashion. In fact, he founded one of Eastern Illinois University's first modeling organizations, and has produced many photoshoots, commercials, and sold-out fashion shows. Recently, he has been tapped to style Miki Howard. Whether you're looking for a career in modeling or just a creative outlet, the Fashion Designer Chicago community has you covered.

Anatasia Chatzka

Fashion designer Chicago – Anatasia Chatzka owns an atelier. Her collection focuses on vintage and contemporary styles. Chatzka is known for her unique designs that are both timeless and original. The owner of an atelier and a boutique, she has become a highly sought-after fashion designer. You can find out more about her atelier and boutique at the following link.

Known for her wide scope and burgeoning creative interest, Anatasia Chatzka's designs are highly innovative and stand apart from the typical trends of the United States fashion industry. She also admits that she's her own ideal client – she craves vibrantly colored garments made of natural fibers. Her designs are not for the average shopper; they are for the trendsetter woman.

Meg Manski

Meg Manski, a native of the Philippines, is a fashion designer based in the Chicago area. She was trained at Abellana National School in Cebu City, Philippines, and worked in alterations for over 40 years. Today, she has her own line of Ready-to-wear clothing. To keep up with the demand for her high-quality garments, Meg shows her designs at fashion week shows in Chicago and across the country.

Meg Manski, Fashion Designer Chicago, is the newest addition to Chicago's fashion scene. The brand recently introduced its first collection for the fall/winter season at the Chicago Fashion Week. The Chicago Fashion Bar showcases Chicago's most exciting designers, apparel, and beauty products. The event opens at 5:30 pm, closes at 9 p.m., and is sponsored by FashionBar LLC. In addition to clothing, the show will feature a range of lifestyle and beauty products, ranging from hair care and makeup to jewelry.

The AmaraBlack Fashion Designer Chicago team has been creating and showcasing their collections in Illinois, Indiana, and Texas. They are a finalist for the Driehaus Design Initiative in 2017 and recently were featured in New York Fashion Week. Founder Meg Manski specializes in custom alterations and has a passion for making women feel beautiful. She knows the correct size for almost everyone and has an eye for detail. She will help you find the perfect size for you through simple observation.

Grace Dawson is a corporate veteran who pounced on the bridal industry by launching her own business, Grace Consulting Company. She has a passion for female entrepreneurship and joined the Chicago Fashion Incubator in 2020 as a bridal mentor. She has since expanded her responsibilities to include business topics as well. She has also helped to support and guide the Chicago Fashion Incubator's designers-in-residence through the production process and connects them with manufacturers.

Jared Honn

After studying design at the University of Illinois, Jared Honn became interested in environmental, human, and technical aspects of clothing manufacturing. His pursuit of ethical manufacturing led him to create a line of clothing, Knowhere Clothing. This new brand of apparel features organic fibers and medicinally rich dyes. Currently in production, this brand supports fair-trade, living-wage manufacturers in India. In addition to using organic cotton from India, Knowhere also aims to help women's organizations, including WORK + SHELTER.

Anna Brown

Anna Brown is a fashion designer with a background in art history, comparative literature, and design. Her studies in art history and clothing design led her to approach fashion as an artistic endeavor. Her Pilsen-based studio and showroom showcase her distinctive brand of fashion. The collection of women's clothing is sophisticated yet wearable, and it is characterized by a limited palette of colors and materials. The emphasis is on a modern aesthetic without sacrificing comfort or functionality.

A successful clothing line is an incredible challenge. As an independent designer, you must balance a wide range of elements, including the design process, materials sourcing, and pattern grading. You can benefit from Chicago-based fashion designers who can help you with these processes, as well as your creative collaboration. You can also find help in other areas, including pattern grading, sample sewing, fitting, and design studio production. You can learn new techniques and get your hands dirty while making your clothes!