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Live Entertainment at Mac’s 19 Broadway in Fairfax California

If you've ever wondered where the bartenders of Mac's 19 Broadway get their gigs, look no further. These local favorites have a variety of live entertainment to suit any mood. You can find Barrel Proof Comedy or Music in the Remodeled Mac's. Read on for more information. Here are some tips for booking live entertainment at Mac's 19 Broadway. We hope you enjoy! Also, be sure to check out the newest shows at the bar.
Music at Mac's 19 Broadway

Enjoy live music or open-mic nights at Music at Mac's 19 Broadway in Fairfax California. This long-running bar also features patio seating and open-mike nights. It has a friendly vibe. While this bar may not offer the most exciting performances, the atmosphere is a good one for casual drinks and conversation. In addition to great live music, the bar also offers open-mike nights and a casual atmosphere.

The music scene in Fairfax is alive and thriving thanks to the long history of the venue. Before the quake, it was a hot spot for local rock bands and aristocrats. Even before the quake, there were a few local musicians playing every night at the popular restaurant. After the earthquake, family-friendly dining venues began to sprout up. But the music still comes from local musicians.

The bar at Mac's offers classic cocktails and prohibition-style concoctions. The craft beer list is impressive. The venue also offers a full bar for dancing and live music. Live music can be found every night of the week, featuring local bands or talented performers. In addition to live music, Mac's also hosts DJ sets. Whether it's jazz, blues, or country, the music scene at Mac's offers a unique experience.
Barrel Proof Comedy

If you're looking for a place to enjoy free stand-up comedy in Fairfax, consider visiting Barrel Proof Comedy. This comedy club features comedians from around the world, and you can attend for free. While tips for the performers are welcome, you can also choose to purchase an item or two at the bar. Barrel Proof Comedy is hosted by Tony Sparks. The bar has a diverse list of comedy acts, and you're sure to find one you like.
Remodeled Mac's 19 Broadway

Remodeled Mac's 19 Broadway in Fairfax, California has the best of both worlds: an historic venue and a new, hip venue. This venue, situated at the base of Mount Tam, is perfect for small, intimate weddings or extravagant galas. It offers an impressive wine and beer list as well as live music and dancing. Live music is also a popular feature at this bar. Guests can dance the night away with live bands and a full bar.

Before the earthquake, Mac's at the nineteenth Broadway Fairfax California was a hot spot in Fairfax. There were live performances nearly every night and the place became a favorite for local rock bands and San Francisco aristocrats. Despite the loss of the city's cultural identity, the bar continues to host live music and local musicians. It's a fun spot to spend an evening with your friends and family.