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Top 3 Reasons to Include Google Authority Ranks in Your Local SEO Strategy

Top 3 Reasons to Include Google Authority Ranks in Your Local SEO Strategy

Here's the short version of Top 3 Reasons To Include Google Authority Ranks in Your Local SEO strategy. This technique is also called stacking and was discovered by SEO's. This means that when someone links from one Google entity to another, it increases their authority with the Google system. It is also beneficial for local SEO because it helps to increase trust signals surrounding your brand. To take advantage of stacking, make sure your business has a Google page and a Google Map and Drive listing.

Positive reviews improve trust signals around your brand

Adding positive reviews to your website is a surefire way to increase trust signals around your brand. You can also promote your website on social media by asking satisfied customers to post their reviews. This will help boost trust among your target audience. After all, your website exists to convert web traffic into sales leads. It only makes sense to make your site as trustworthy as possible, so don't be afraid to share it with the world!

While it is important to encourage positive reviews, it is equally important to respond to negative reviews, as well. Not only can negative reviews hurt your business, but they can also give you an opportunity to improve your services. When your customers write a review, reply quickly to make it stand out from the others. Responding quickly can turn a negative review into a positive one and influence future customers. So, how do you respond to bad reviews?

Creating NAP citations improves trust signals around your brand

Inconsistent NAP citations are bad for your SEO. They confuse customers and make them contact the wrong company, which will in turn result in poor reviews. To improve trust signals around your brand, create consistent NAP citations for all your locations. Here are a few examples:

Consistent NAP is important for a number of reasons. Inconsistency leads to duplicate listings, inaccurate listings, and damaged brand image. When your NAP is inconsistent across all of your online presences, consumers may not know what to trust. They might be unable to find your business address or phone number, or they might misinterpret the information they are given. For example, if your website is in multiple languages, all of its data should match.

In addition to creating NAP citations, consistent NAP also helps improve your brand's credibility in local search. People use online directories to find businesses, so making sure that your NAP is consistent is important for your credibility in search engines. It can also improve your credibility in search engine results, and boost your brand's trust score. And if you're not sure what NAP is, check out this article: How Google's Local API Works

Creating Google Drive Stacks improves entity authority

Creating Google Drive Stacks is an effective way to build up your entity authority in local SEO. Google Entity Stacks are a set of websites linked together in a chain that points to your website's homepage or specific landing page. This technique works by taking over authority websites in your niche and leading all traffic to your site. You can use this technique to build up your entity authority in local SEO, which will ultimately benefit your rankings in Google.

Creating Google Drive Stacks is a white hat SEO technique that leverages the power of Google's other properties to increase your entity authority in local SEO. By creating these links to other Google properties, you'll be creating an entity link building epicenter. Google Drive Stacks work by linking to your target website from Google Docs and Sheets, which help build link authority. In addition to Drive, Google Stacks also include other Google properties, including Custom Maps, Sheets, Calendar, and Photos.

Creating Google Map Stacks improves trust signals around your brand

Creating Google Map Stacks is an effective way to increase your organic search ranking. It is a great way to boost trust signals around your brand and get customers to see your business. The more reviews and ratings you have, the more likely your business is to be featured in Google's Maps Pack. Consumers do not trust businesses with lower ratings. Having four and five-star reviews is more trustworthy.

This is a key ranking factor for local SEO. Google uses an algorithm to determine which businesses are local to a specific region. In local searches, Google Maps is very effective. Your Google My Business listing will appear in search results for the area that your business serves. By displaying your business's location on Google Maps, you increase the chances of potential customers visiting your store.